❋ Planting Trees with Ecologi ❋



Hooray for Ecologi!

I am a self confessed 'tree hugger' I love all animals & nature. So my heart squeezes when I think about the negative impact our species is having on the natural world. I have a deep connection to nature & wish to be able to do more to look after it. But as an individual it's virtually impossible to make much of an impact ☹︎ 

Sadly we can't wait for politicians to make the necessary changes to put us on the right course....

But, there are enough environmental solutions that are out there right now, that if we supported them, it could undo 30 years of carbon damage.

That's why I am using my platform to help support the amazing work of Ecologi & will be donating a percentage of all of my sales to plant trees & support various environmental projects.

At the top of the page you can see how many trees I have donated so far & know that with each purchase from Liiines you will be helping to make a positive change. 

Please visit my Ecologi profile if you wish to donate more Trees ❤︎

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Photos curtesy of Eden Reforestation Projects Ecologi