Today I opened a shop...

Today I determinedly opened & payed for a subscription for an online shop!

In the determination I then got the domain name wrong! 

Hurriedly rushing myself, so that I didn't self doubt & change my mind about oping a shop, I promptly started self-doubting about the name I was meant to buy & accidentally bought the wrong one! In the end I finally, (after purchasing the correct domaine name & disconnecting the wrong one) linked up to

'Liiines'? You may ask. 'Yes, Liiines'! And yes, it's spelt incorrectly. But the choice was made because my work is often made up of lots of lines & spelling it with 3 i's is a nice gimmick... not to mention 'Lines' wasn't available ☻ 

You decide if you like it or not. But it's good enough for me ;) ...It has to be! Because making mistakes is costing me money & making this little venture complicated.

For now though there are no excuses about me giving it a go. It's something i've wanted to do for years & there's no turning back now. This platform will offer a podium to share my work while trying to be a sustainable creative ❤︎

Plus I have another reason for doing this. It is of couses always nice & financially helpful to be able to sell some of my work but,  I also hope to spread a little awarness & support by donating a percentage of all of my sales to enviromental projects & planting trees.

I chose to do this because I felt helpless against a problem which is so grand.  It got me to thinking, 'how can I combine my skills with a need grater than myself'? And that brought me to setting up Liiines.

With this 'podium' I have a voice & a platform to do a little bit more than I could previously. I'm not sure what else is down this avenue but i'm happy to have made the first steps. I'm also going to do my best & be as sustainable as possible in the designing, creating & producing of my work & products. I will learn on the way & in doing so will share my findings with you on this blog.

Welcome to my little shop!

Liines is now online!