Planting trees

I love nature & all the animals & creepy crawles in it. I always have done. When I was little I was often found in the garden with a bucket of mud. Those that know me wont be surprised to see me hugging a tree or defending a bug from being swatted. So you can imagine that the current environmental crisis makes me sad ☹︎

I try to do my bit; recycling, veganism, cycling, planting trees (to off set my carbon foot print), using green energy.... but sadly, as an individual adjusting my own life style just isn't quite enough to make a difference ☹︎

But, there are plenty of initiatives & environmental solutions out there right now, that if we supported them, it could help save the diverse eco systems we are damaging & loosing.

That's why I am using my platform to help support the amazing work of Ecologi & I will be donating a percentage of all of my sales to plant trees & support various environmental projects ︎☺︎

For every purchase made at Liiines (even the freebies) a donation will be automatically made to Ecologi, who plant trees & fund the world's best environmental crisis solutions. I have an official account (which you can follow here ) & see how many trees have been donated & the projects I have supported. You can even donate a tree if you like.

❋More information click here.

I chose to do this because I felt helpless against a problem which is so grand.  It got me to thinking, 'how can I combine my skills with a need grater than myself'? And that brought me to setting up Liiines.

With this 'podium' I have a voice & a platform to do a little bit more than I could previously. I'm not sure what else is down this avenue but i'm happy to have made the first steps. I'm also going to do my best & be as sustainable as possible in the designing, creating & producing of my work & products. I will learn on the way & in doing so will share my findings with you on this blog.

For now though I hope, that if you purchase from Liiines, you will be happy to know that you have helped plant a tree & that your product has been designed with care & attention ❤︎