Eco Packaging Alliance

It's so nice to find companies who are committed to sustainability for all their products & making it their mission to become or, working towards becoming, fully sustainable & environmentally friendly. 

Thankfully we are in an era where this is becoming easier to find these collaborations. Although I am finding that the majority are 'on the way to' becoming fully sustainable & often not quite there yet (such as myself because the options simply aren't there yet).

While setting up shop one of my concerns was & still is to find sustainable packaging. While lots of companies try to cater for the greener option, I find that they are often not fully sustainable; which has me umming & erring when it comes to decision time. For example, stickers are often either made of recycled paper or vegan.... Make a choice but you can't have both.

So it was a no brainer when I came across No issue to order my stickers with them. They offer recycled, compostable, recyclable papers & use soya based inks plus, they plant a tree for every order you make! Yay!

The only draw back is that there print shops are not yet based in the Netherlands or a neighbouring county, so shipping becomes the 'dilemma' when making a choice... They do try & compensate for this by planting trees to off set their CO2 foot print though. (I have also been told that they are hoping to expand to my part of the world in the near future).

I will continue to look for the best & most sustainable & environmentally friendly collaborations for the making of my art, products, materials & packaging, & hope that more companies will do the same.